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Beach Spike

Beach Spike
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Cast & Crew Director Tony TangTony Tang  Star Cast Chrissie ChowChrissie Chow On on YuOn on Yu Suet LamSuet Lam 
Plot Beach Spike is a sport movie that is in this movie the story is about the fight between two sides one fight for the sake of their land where constuction is to be made and the other side is the side that is gonna made that constuction. And the fight is done by the beach volleyball match. Sharon and Rachel have a craze about the beach Volleyball but Sky and sea shell Long Beach, brought together different people; Sharon (Chrissie) and Rachel (Theresa Fu) grew up in this growing leisure to study the Chinese martial arts with the uncle, but they are more enthusiastic about beach volleyball. Another is the mansion cloth, cloth too and living in her children Natalie (Jessica C), Natasha and Tim (Law Chung Him). A small controversy that cloth at home and a group of villagers from the conflict, while Yi Ling Tim and Sharon first encounter. Category Action Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-07-07 89 Min Hits 1139761
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