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Black Book (Zwartboek)

Black Book (Zwartboek)
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Plot Black Book is a movie that revolves around Rachel who is a Jew teacher and is residing in Israel. One day she receives a surprise visit by one of her old friend with whom comes back the memories of the time of war. Rachel had undergone through great pain and agony. War sparked in The Netherlands Rachel???s living place was bombed but Rachel survived. She decided to leave the country and travel with the help of a resistant group who were being smuggled to Beisbosch via boat but were chased and attacked by German patrolling units. Somehow Rachel was the only one who survived and rescued by a group whose leader???s son is captured. In order to let him free Rachel is requested to seduce a person named Ludwig M?ntze and there she realizes that everything she undergone wasn???t just coincidence. Category Drama Movies , Thriller Movies , War Movies  Release Date Running Time 2006-09-14 145 Min Hits 1931920
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