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Black to the Moon 3D

Black to the Moon 3D
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Cast & Crew Director Francis NielsenFrancis Nielsen  Star Cast
Plot Blacky is a black sheep she is the terror of the farm. She only wants is that she wants to go to the moon. Kanuto, the sheepdog is in love with her, and gets involved in the plans of her going to the moon. Thus they gets into an adventure where in the way they met an opera-singing cow, a wolf who is a fashion designer, spiders that sew illegally, and a group of birds that are from some singing TV reality show contest and a peculiar pack of dogs who are just ready to launch in a rocket and also a Godzilla sized sheep with a bad attitude. Art mell French and Italian co-production with Lumiq houses in this ambitious animated feature is included in the final production phase. Category 3D Movies , Adventure Movies , Animation Movies , Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-26 81 Min Hits 667317
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