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Cast & Crew Director Ozgur YildirimOzgur Yildirim  Star Cast SidoSido Bobby TightBobby Tight Tim WildeTim Wilde 
Plot Comedy and drama mix made with this tale of two rapping buddies, whose friendship to the test, as is the success in the music business is at hand. Otis (Sido) and Eddy (B-Tight) are best of friends, almost brothers. They dream of the great rap career. The talent they have, but they lack the contacts in the scene. They have neither a manager nor money, but any time a lot of trouble. Freestyle-battle in the club "Palace", although they receive powerful on the face, but finally for once luck. Hip-hop legend Fusco (Milton Welsh) asks the boys to a demo tape. But the problem: Where to find the money to produce one. Then comes her old school friend Adal (Alpa Gun) on the plan. The notorious thieves and All-sell them like crazy solve their financial problems in its own way. The tape suggests one, record mogul Multiple (Tim Wilde) wants the guys to make big numbers. But their friendship starts to crumble under the success. Category Comedy Movies , Musical Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-29 98 Min Hits 1620349
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