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Brammetje Baas

Brammetje Baas
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Plot Of late, a lot many good movies are emerging from the talented minds of Dutch film makers, and one more such upcoming movie is Brammetje Baas. The character of Brammetje Baas has been played by Coen van Overdam and the story of the movie is about the relationships that this characters shares with the people around. This happens to be Coen van Overdam???s very first movie, which is why expectations with this movie are really high. Young Brammetje Baas is very aware of whatever is happening around him and is quite connected with his inner self. However, not all the people around him understand this, least of all his teacher. His teacher is someone who wants him to stay more grounded and concentrate on the more mundane aspects of life. Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-06-27 98 Min Hits 1365471
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