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Cast & Crew Director John Michael Williams  Star Cast
Plot Since 2007, dozens of teens and young people have been found hanged in Bridgend, South Wales. Most of them knew each other-they were friends, neighbors, even cousins. It???s a mystery that has baffled authorities and town residents. The connections between the victims have led Bridgend residents and the local authorities to believe that something sinister has taken hold in the town. Some believe it???s a suicide pact, others say it???s an Internet cult among friends, others have blamed it on chemical imbalances caused by local cell phone towers. Through incredible, exclusive interviews with family members, friends and local authorities, ???Bridgend??? explores these deaths and relationships, attempting to put rumors to rest while getting to the cause of these tragic hangings. Category Documentary Movies , Drama Movies , Mystery Movies  Release Date Running Time 2013-06-21 83 Min Hits 1481961
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