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Chakan the Forever Man

Chakan the Forever Man
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Plot Robin Morningstar presents the movie Chakan the Forever Man, a movie whose concept is adapted from the very famous Genesis game play. It is a fantasy story of a warrior named Chakan. Chakan is very skilful and is blessed with overwhelming fighting skills. With his extreme superiority in fighting and swordsmanship he even challenges death. At some point in his life the day of the challenge with death has to be met. And although it was very clear from the very start, Chakan won. As a result he received the kiss of eternity form Death but at the same time a curse for his disrespect attitude. Chakan despite being eternal with extreme fighting skills and power is not given peace as he is haunted by the crimes of the evil all of the universe. Now he has resided on earth where he has a long time to serve. Category Fantasy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 92 Min Hits 1278153
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