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Cast & Crew Director Brian IglesiasBrian Iglesias  Star Cast
Plot Both directed as well as written by Brian Iglesias ???Chosin??? is the first-ever documentary on the Chosin Reservoir Campaign. The movie is about one of the most savage battles in American history. The story is of the time in the year 1950, when 1, 50,000 Chinese soldiers in North Korea trapped 15, 000 soldiers and marines in the snow bounded mountains. This is a documentary movie on the war history between China and America. Now after 60 years the survivors of this war take us to the emotional and heart throbbing journey of the war showing the misery, poverty and pitifulness of the people at that time of war. It is a very emotional movie showing the scenes of the history of what mankind has done once. Category Documentary Movies , History Movies , War Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-09-10 112 Min Hits 2159422
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