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Field of enchantment (La Cle des Champs)

Field of enchantment (La Cle des Champs)
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Cast & Crew Director Claude NuridsanyClaude Nuridsany Marie PerennouMarie Perennou  Star Cast
Plot Two lonely children fall in love with a wild place that gradually approaching one another and helps to tame life. Through their eyes, their imagination, the pond becomes a secret kingdom both wonderful and disturbing, populated by creatures of dream or nightmare. An initiatory experience, brief and intense, they emerge transformed. The children dont think this as a horror place they think that it is a place of fun for them so they again and again visits this place. They expresses the scene of the place changes as the eyes of the people are different. Category Childrens Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-21 101 Min Hits 824574
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