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Hell and Back Again

Hell and Back Again
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Cast & Crew Director Danfung DennisDanfung Dennis  Star Cast
Plot Hell and Back Again is a movie that is made on historic ends and consists of war scenes and action. The main theme on which the whole story is based is the fight that took place in Afghanistan and claimed lives of many soldiers and even caused loss of lives on both sides. The story is not only about the war, it is a light thrown on the real pain that the soldiers faced. This pain not only contained physical pain and even comprises of mental weakness and pain. The movie is made to rethink on the topic that how many soldiers lost their families and lives to bring peace in another country. The movie shows the difference of just saying a war and the real face of the battlefield which is simply terrible if to be defined in one word. Category Action Movies , Documentary Movies , War Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-01-23 95 Min Hits 1171168
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