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Knerten i knipe

Knerten i knipe
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Plot The movie Knerten I knipe is the third film of the Knerten series. The movie is based on the books of Anne Cath Vestly. In this movie Knerten and his brother along with his family move to another place. Knerten is blessed with a son and his very happy but his parents are concerned over his brother who has not made any friend since they have moved in. Knerten talks to his brother and comes to know that the other boys in the street are not liked by him and moreover he has Knerten by his side. They make an agreement to not to have any friends forever but one day Knerten disappears.... The movie is directed by Arild ??stin Ommundsen. Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-09-23 98 Min Hits 1038922
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