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Loves Everlasting Courage

Loves Everlasting Courage
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Plot Sister Mary is a musical comedy creating a sort of suspense. The story of the movie is ealmed with murder, sexual confusion, and religion. An unapologetically gay Chicago-based music group -- and their \"admirers,\" are under threat by a psychotic nun. Homophobic detective Mark Rima teams up with gay detective Chris Riant to catch the serial killing Nun targeting ???The Ex-Choir Boys.??? However they find the case more complicated than it seemed and are unable to solve it on their own, so they call for high profile F.B.I. agent Peccant. Peccant arrives on the scene to try and set the things accordingly. Taking the case in his hand Peccant discovers that nun is not the actual culprit she is just a silent witness of the gruesome murders. The clues they find divert their attention towards a team of priests who claims to have tendency for keeping the innocent young choirboys on God???s righteous path. Category Western Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-03-08 88 Min Hits 1191646
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