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The Monster of Nix

The Monster of Nix
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Cast & Crew Director RostoRosto  Star Cast Olivia BouyssouOlivia Bouyssou Joe EshuisJoe Eshuis Terry GilliamTerry Gilliam 
Plot The Monster Of Nix is a 30 minutes animated musical Drama. The life in the fairytale village of Nix and the people of this village live happily with each other. But this happiness was no longer stand in the village as then appeared a monster that eats every one who come in the way of him. Now its the time of the village of Nix. In the movie if their is someone who is bad then their is a much baddest then him in the village to fight him Willy, who is very mischievous boy and now has to save the village by fighting the Monster by himself and alone. Category Animation Movies , Short Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-21 30 Min Hits 1179079
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