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White Lion

White Lion
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Plot White Lion is a family movie Directed by Michael Swan and partially writing the story also in collaboration with Janet Van Eeden. It is a very good moral giving movie on the need of conservation of lions in the world. The movie takes us to a remote village where White Lions are believed to be the messengers of God. From a long time there was no birth or even visit of such a lion to this village of Africa. Ultimately, one day a white baby cub takes birth, and now Gisani, a young boy, who is very much sturdy to save this very rare species of lion is on the way to protect it. A very rare animal found on the whole Earth and save it from the greedy, mean and heartless hunters and contractors of animal material rising around their valley. Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-10-15 135 Min Hits 1055965
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